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    Rushden Removals

    About Our Removals Service in Rushden

    Having been in business for more than 35 years, Lund Conlon Removers & Storers have successfully relocated thousands of customers. No just in the UK but Europe wide, and Internationally.

    If you are searching for Rushden removals and require the services of a highly professional, reliable, and friendly removal company in the Rushden area, Lund Conlon Removers & Storers should be your first choice.

    Whether you need to move the whole contents of your home, a half load, or just a small consignment. We can offer a tailor-made move with a personal touch for any sized relocation.

    We can also offer our valued customers the added assurance of good quality removals because we are proud members of the industry-regulated BAR, British Association of Removers.

    All members of BAR are frequently audited to verify that they adhere to the rules and regulations set by this well-respected industry regulator.

    Depot Locations

    Lund Conlon Removers & Stores are located in Kempston, conveniently close to the A6 and A421.

    Easy to find, as well as offering a comprehensive household removals service,  we also have an excellent on-site storage facility.

    Clean, dry, and secure your effects are safe with us. Accredited to European standard BS EN 14873, ideal for all your long or short-term storage requirements.

    To complement our expert services from our Kempston Depot, we have a further 16 storage depots located strategically throughout the UK.

    Regardless of where you are relocating to, including Rushden, there will be a Lund Conlon storage facility you can utilize nearby.

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    Rushden Removals

    Why Choose Lund Conlon as Your Removals Company Rushden?

    For many, moving home is something that happens occasionally.

    Often many years can pass before having to face the upheaval of packing up the entire contents of your home.

    Being in one place for long periods inevitably leads to a huge accumulation of personal effects. Even more so if you have expanded your family along the way.

    There is much to think about. A whole lot of planning and preparation needs to happen long before you actually move out.

    Appointing a trustworthy and reliable removal company will help toward making this stressful and busy time so much easier to deal with.

    Lund Conlon Removers & Storers have been covering removals across the Rushden region for so many years. As such we have built a good solid knowledge of the local area.

    Our highly trained and polite removal team will do their utmost to ensure your move is as stress free as possible.

    Furthermore, we can provide you with easy storage solutions at reasonable prices.

    Ideal if you want to free up space to decorate when you first move in, or for a safe place to hide those large bulky items you only use occasionally.

    Make Lund Conlon Moving & Storage your first port of call when moving to or from Rushden.

    Give us a ring today to book your free home survey followed by our, no obligation quotation.

    Why Move to Rushden?

    Unless you are already familiar with Rushden, it can be really difficult to know for sure before you move if it is going to be the place for you. Here are some of the benefits proving why Rushden is a good place to live.

    A large town with close links to good road connections and plenty of opportunities to find work.

    Close to larger locations such as Bedford, Northampton, and Peterborough ideal for work or play.

    Rushden provides some good options for those moving with children of school age.

    Affordability property across the town for first-time buyers and those moving up the property ladder.

    Plenty of things to do and see covering a range of hobbies and interests.

    Great amenities with the Council planning further improvements to guide the future development of the town up to 2031.

    As you can see, Rushden has a lot to offer anyone who is contemplating a move to this area of Northamptonshire.

    Top Tips When Moving to or From Rushden

    Lund Conlon Removers & Storers have a wealth of experience to share, having been in the removal industry for many years.

    Buying a new home is an exciting opportunity but it is also a very stressful time. To help combat the stress, we have prepared some “top tips” that will hopefully help to make the whole process a little less daunting.

    • Choose a BAR-registered removal company. Using a BAR-registered company gives you the peace of mind that only comes from using a reputable, professional, and financially protected remover.
    • Inform your moving company of your move date as soon as possible.
    • Get organised well ahead of time.
    • De-clutter. Why pay for moving things you no longer use.
    • It is never too early to start packing boxes. Label them clearly.
    • Inform everyone who needs to know of your move. Doctors, banks, DVLA, energy suppliers etc.
    • Ensure all important items such as passports (particularly for international moves), are not packed.
    • Leave enough time to give the house a thorough clean.
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    Packing for a UK Move

    At Lund Conlon, we understand just how important it is to use only the best packing materials for your move.

    We train our staff to pack and wrap your precious belongings carefully and skillfully in order to avoid damage to your property.

    On your move day, the removal team will arrive with all the materials required to carry out your move.

    Your belongings will be carefully placed into a range of different-sized boxes.

    Depending on what is being packed; books, clothing, glassware, china, pots, and pans, our team are fully prepared to pack any items you may have.

    We are proud to say that our cartons are made from environmentally friendly materials so can be fully recycled.

    Bubble wrap and tissue paper are used to protect your fragile items.

    Anything requiring specialist care, such as antiques, will be packed in made-to-measure wooden crates for extra protection.

    You may be relocating to a new home a few miles away or traveling thousands of miles to an international destination.

    Irrespective of the distance, our comprehensive knowledge of the packing process will mean your effects will arrive safe and sound

    You are in safe hands. There is rarely a situation we have not encountered.

    Packing for a European or International Move

    Lund Conlon has as many years of experience in moving people to Europe and Internationally as it has within the UK.

    The packing process is largely the same for moves further afield, however, extra padding and covering will be used to minimize movement during transport.

    As the packing commences, the team will complete a comprehensive inventory of all your belongings as each box is filled or item wrapped.

    Our experienced pre-move surveyor will provide you beforehand with the customs regulations pertaining to your destination country.

    Depending on where in the world your consignment needs to go, your effects could travel by sea, air, or road.

    International consignments are generally containerised, and sent by sea.

    Journey times vary according to country, but, it can take several weeks for your consignment to arrive at its destination countries port of entry.

    It is vital that everything is secure and well packed as these large vessels often encounter rough seas.

    Long road journeys are also subject to a lot of vibration which can sometimes result in load shifting. Protecting and securing the load tightly is  imperative.

    Irrespective of how your goods are transported Lund Conlon’s first-class packers work hard to make sure that everything arrives in one piece.


    At Lund Conlon we pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service.

    However, no matter how meticulously our moves are carried out, there are risks involved. Some are  outside our control. Transporting your consignment is a classic example.

    Whilst we may have packed and loaded your effects with utmost care and attention, there is always a possibility, however slight, that an accident could occur whilst they are in transit.

    This is why we offer our customers insurance cover.

    If you provide us with an insurance declaration of the value of your goods, the amount of our liability to you in the event of loss or damage to those goods will be a maximum of £50,000.

    We can accept insurance liability for a higher amount, in which case we may make an additional charge.

    If you decide not to take out any insurance with us, you may find your own house insurance has some form of cover for goods in transit.

    For anything we move for you which is not covered by either your own or our insurance, in the event of any loss or damages, caused by negligence or breach of contract on our part.

    Our liability to you will be assessed as a sum equivalent to the cost of their repair or replacement, subject to a maximum liability of £40 per item.

    Just speak to our helpful surveyor when he undertakes your house move survey and he can clarify the process for you.

    Shopping in Rushden

    Convenience is key when it comes to a town’s retail provision.

    You may have a busy job and possibly family who depend on you for assistance. The last thing you want is to have to drive for miles to the nearest decent shopping area.

    Thankfully, Rushden manages to cover everything you need without travelling far.

    Opened in July 2017, a £140 million out-of-town leisure and shopping centre known as Rushden Lakes Shopping Centre was completed.

    The development is easy to access, situated just off the A45.

    It has become a real social hub for the community. A place where everyday essentials meet fashion favourites. All of this is combined with the great outdoors and lots of delicious places to eat, drink and relax.

    To discover exactly what is available at this large shopping mall, follow the link above to their website for a list of shops, restaurants and cafes.

    Across the road from Rushden Lakes is a large Lidl store and a Waitrose supermarket. Further not the centre of town you will find an Asda Superstore. More than enough for your grocery shop.

    There are DIY stores dotted over town including Wicks, B&Q and Screwfix to name a few. Your renovation projects will definitely not suffer.

    There is no doubt that for anyone living in or near Rushden, finding decent places to shop is something you won’t have to worry about.

    Working in Rushden

    Rushden’s growth has resulted from a number of industries, including lacemaking and farming, and especially shoemaking and associated trades.

    During the mid-1900s there were well over 100 boot and shoe factories in the town but today there are only four shoemaking companies left.

    Today, as with many towns in England, industry in the town is varied, and mostly situated in out-of-town industrial estates.

    As Rushden Park has increased in popularity, the opportunity for work within the retail sector has boomed.

    New housing estates and infrastructure changes have also led to tradespeople lookin for work within the construction industry and related trades.

    Some residents have found work in other larger towns and cities in the region.

    With Bedford and Northampton being so close to Rushden these locations support many Rushden commuters.

    Within a radius of 10 miles, Indeed (the online recruitment company) is advertising hundreds of jobs. All you need to do is download your CV and start applying.

    Schools & Education in Rushden

    18 state run schools sit within a two-mile radius of the town.

    Together they combine to provide Rushden with a diverse education system across all age groups.

    For primaries, Denfield Park Primary School, South End Junior School and Rushden Primary Academy are all “good”.  South End Infant School has gained Ofsted’s highest rating of “outstanding”.

    Rushden Academy senior school is also an Ofsted rated “good” school plus it has a sixth form.

    Last inspected as recently as 2022, their report noted that “Pupils show positive attitudes to learning. They receive a good quality of education. Pupils enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities”.

    There is one private school (a co-education day school) which is within reach of the town.

    Wellingborough School an all-through school caters for children aged 3-19 years.

    For Post 16 education, students have a good choice of colleges.

    Many opt to attend either Northampton College or Bedford College. Both offer a vast assortment of courses.

    Getting Around Rushden

    Transport connections are also a vital consideration for anyone moving. This is particularly so if you are employed or have children attending college or schools outside the town.

    Rushden town is sandwiched between the main A6 and A45.

    The A6 has connections to Kettering (Northbound) and Bedford and Luton (Southbound).

    Whilst the A45 connects Rushden to the East coast as well as Northampton and the M1 motorway westbound.

    Unfortunately, the closest rail station is in Wellingborough, between 3-5 miles away, depending on where in the town you reside.

    Several local bus routes ensure that Rushden is accessible in and out by public transport.

    The main bus provider is Stagecoach

    Stagecoach services 50/49  connections to Kettering and Bedford. The X46/47 providing links with Raunds, Wellingborough, Irchester and Northampton.

    Useful Contacts in Rushden

    After you have unpacked all your boxes it is time to concentrate on things outside the home.

    Important jobs such as connecting your home to broadband services, signing up for utilities and registering for council tax cannot wait. Registering with a new doctor is another service you won’t want to delay.

    As Rushden is located in the County of Northamptonshire and falls within the administrative boundary of East Northamptonshire Council, this is the best place to start.

    From the council website, you can deal with most practicalities of life.

    For anything else, perhaps the best way to find out local information is by chatting with neighbours or visiting your local post office.

    Also, Rushden Town Council has tons of information about the area.

    Issues such as open spaces and parks, medical centres, hospitals, and essential services are all contained within the town council website.

    Property Prices in Rushden

    If you are moving to Rushden, with homes in the area being so reasonably priced, you should be able to hunt down your ideal property within your budget.

    Whether it is your first home, or you are retiring and require a step-down, Rushden covers all eventualities.

    Within a mile of the town, there are several hundred properties on the market, which means there is plenty of choice for buyers.

    The town’s terraced homes are always in demand or alternatively, properties sitting on the outskirts of Rushden complete with rural views are also highly desirable.

    Renting a Home in Rushden

    Statistics are consistently revealing that the way we live in the UK is shifting. There is a definite bias towards renting a home against purchasing one.

    With affordability being cited as the biggest reason for not owing a home, rentals have never been in such demand.

    According to BuyAssociation, research states that by 2039, renting will overtake home ownership as the most popular form of housing with 50.7% of the population living in rental properties.

    If you are going to rent a home in Rushden, unfortunately, the choice is rather limited.

    The majority of rentals available are either one or two-bed properties with only a few being three-bedrooms or larger.

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    Why Choose Us?

    BSEN Quality Certification

    We adhere to the highest possible standards in the removals industry.

    European Standards Compliant

    All services performed in accordance with European standard BS EN 12522.

    Comprehensive Insurance

    Covered by the best insurance, your belongings are protected door-to-door.

    Unrivalled Expertise

    A team with over 35 years experience of moving customers worldwide.

    Daily Removals Services

    We offer daily house removals nationwide including the Isle of Wight & Channel islands.

    Nationwide Coverage

    Multiple branches in key locations covering the whole of the UK.

    Let Us Move You!

    Established in 1985, Lund-Conlon is Bedford’s largest removals and storage company.

    Since our inception we have grown from strength to strength. For over twenty-five years we’ve offered the Bedford area a first class customer service, tailored especially to taking the hassle out of your moving day.

    Lund-Conlon Removers and Storers are experienced in all aspects of domestic and commercial removals and offer a variety of services. We operate a local, national and international removals service for full and part loads by road, sea and air.

    From our purpose built premises on Wolesley Road, Kempston, we offer a wide range of fully secure storage facilities.

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