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18 August 2023

8 Best Towns to Live in Bedfordshire

In our article, we explore the 8 best towns to live in Bedfordshire.

We hope to provide you with some valuable insights to assist you in your quest to find a suitable location in which to settle.

The appeal of living in the stunning county of Bedfordshire is well known and for good reason.

Quick links to London and other large towns and cities in the region.

Coupled with affordable housing, countryside, natural beauty, and plenty to do has brought it under the spotlight with London escapees.

If you are considering a move to the wonderful county of Bedfordshire it is always advisable to take the time to visit several times.

Visiting different towns and villages will offer you the opportunity to see which one is likely to suit your personal requirements best.

Since purchasing a home constitutes a significant investment, conducting thorough research before arriving at a final decision is a wise approach.

1. Bedford

Bridge over River Ouse in Bedford
Bridge over River Ouse in Bedford. Image credit Depositphotos

Nestled by the banks of the River Ouse, Bedford offers its residents a charming riverside setting.

As one might deduce from its name, Bedford serves as the county town of Bedfordshire.

With its origins tracing back to the 9th century, Bedford boasts a rich and extensive history.

Evidence of this extensive history can be spotted throughout the town’s landscape. Among these historical echoes, none are more pronounced than the remains of Bedford Castle.

Bedford is one of the best locations in the county for transport connections, either by road or rail.

From Bedford main rail station, you can arrive at St Pancras station in 40 minutes. Services run every 30 minutes.

This is ideal for those who must commute into the city but would rather enjoy their home life away from the continual buzz of London.

You will find a myriad of exciting attractions for all ages aside from the town’s castle.

Historic Wrest Park, the John Bunyan Museum and nearby Woburn Safari Park are all fantastic places to spend time.

The recognition of Bedford as one of the best places to live in the UK by the Sunday Times in 2019 is a testament to its growing appeal.

2. Luton

Wrest House
Wrest House – Image Credit Wikipedia

Recognised for its multicultural population and vibrant cultural scene, Luton is a substantial town. Of the 291 towns in the county, Luton is the largest.

Living here provides residents with everything they need.

Known for its diverse population and cultural offerings, Luton has a good range of shopping centres, plenty of entertainment choices, and the cherry on top, an advantageous 25-minute trip into London.

Additionally, the major airport (London Luton) and proximity to the M1 motorway, are advantageous for both travel and commuting.

Although there are several campuses in the county, Luton is the main home to the University of Bedfordshire, providing educational and research opportunities.

Not everyone in Luton commutes into the capital for work.

Another advantage to living in Luton is that the town is home to various industries. Some include aviation, retail, and education, which can provide employment opportunities for those with skills in these sectors.

The charming parks and tree-lined streets in the northern parts and the strong communal spirit will appeal to families.

Whilst the popular university and buzzing nightlife close to London attracts a younger generation.

Wardown Park is a lovely place to visit. Situated on the River Lea, the park has various sporting facilities.

Wardown Park Museum is also within Wardown, along with some very attractive formal gardens, ideal for a leisurely stroll.

Festivals are held throughout the year but the main event is Luton International Carnival.

The largest one-day carnival in Europe, always held on the day before the last Monday in May.

Luton is a bit of an all-rounder that would be suitable for students, professionals and those with younger families.

3. Dunstable

Woburn Park - Bedford
Wardown Park – Image Credit Wikipedia

Delightful Dunstable is one of Bedfordshire’s market towns and has a population of approximately 35,000-40,000 residents.

Situated about 30 miles from northern London, it too provides a relatively convenient 50-minute commute to the capital city.

However, Dunstable stands apart for offering a more serene and leisurely way of life.

For more than seven centuries, Dunstable has held a significant role as a vital market town, catering to the needs of its surrounding areas and villages.

Today, the town continues to offer the joys of traditional shopping experiences.

Serving as both the central shopping area and a hub for local gatherings and seasonal events, Ashton Square is where the heart of the community resides.

A place for locals to gather and enjoy seasonal events and market days.

The square is also home to a variety of unique and specialised individual retailers, offering items that possess that distinctive touch.

While properties in Dunstable sell slightly above the UK average, the town remains one of the more budget-friendly options in Bedfordshire.

Parents will find encouraging news as well, as most schools in Dunstable exhibit a strong performance, with nearly all of them receiving a “good” rating from Ofsted.

Additionally, several schools have achieved the highly sought-after “outstanding” rating, ensuring quality education options for families.

4. Leighton Buzzard

Leighton Buzzard Countryside
Leighton Buzzard Countryside. Image credit Unsplash

Arguably, when it comes to convenient commuting locations, Leighton Buzzard takes the lead.

Positioned to the lower west of the county, it boasts one of the swiftest commutes, with a journey of just under 30 minutes to London’s Euston station.

The other standout feature of this locale is its proximity to charming expanses of greenery.

Nearby, Tiddenfoot Waterside Park nature reserve offers a serene retreat.

The vast 400 acres of Rushmere Country Park are right at the doorstep of Leighton Buzzard.

Moreover, the scenic Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is also in close proximity.

Beyond its close connection to the capital, Leighton Buzzard is just a stone’s throw away from Milton Keynes, situated a mere 13 miles away – a perfect hub for both work and leisure pursuits.

Despite its reputation as an affluent area, the housing market in Leighton Buzzard offers pleasantly reasonable pricing.

For those who are thinking of leaving London and have a generous budget, there are some enticing neighbourhoods to explore.

Considered the best roads to reside on are Plantation Road, celebrated as Bedfordshire’s most picturesque mile.

While Heath Road is adorned with trees and a blend of Victorian and modern residences.

5. Ampthill

This little gem is nestled in mid-Bedfordshire. It boasts a captivating history and is renowned for its regal affiliations as a former hunting ground of King Henry VIII, serving as the location of his country manor house.

With its roots being raced back to the Domesday Book and an Anglo-Saxon origin, the town’s initial settlement bore the name ‘Aemethyll’, signifying either an ‘ant-heap’ or an ‘ant-infested hill’.

Gaining acclaim for its diverse array of independent shops, this market town has become a magnet for shoppers hailing from all corners of the county.

Ampthill’s residents, driven by a strong sense of community, actively engage in a variety of events. 

The annual Ampthill Park Proms and AmpRocks are live events that draw thousands of attendees to this modest little town.

Despite it being a quiet oasis far from the madding crowd, Ampthill effortlessly maintains its connectivity.

A mere 45-minute train ride gets you to London, providing both daily commutes and opportunities for sightseeing.

6. Woburn

Woburn Abbey
Woburn Abbey – Image Credit Wikipedia

Renowned as one of Bedfordshire’s most recognisable locales, Woburn owes much of its fame to its safari park, visited by thousands annually.

However, this picturesque village offers an array of attractions beyond this, including antique shops, a vibrant farmers market, great dining establishments, and charming tea rooms.

Not to be overlooked are the grandeur of Woburn Abbey and its stunning grounds.

Although absent of a train station, Woburn’s connectivity remains convenient.

A brief 13-minute drive takes you to Flitwick, where trains to London, Bedford, and even as far as Brighton are readily available.

Additionally, Woburn is situated conveniently close to Milton Keynes.

This historic little village boasts an impressive red-brick Georgian high street and has well deservedly, been named before as one of BedfordshireLive ‘Best Places to Live’ in the UK.

However, it is not a particularly cost effective place to buy a home as properties sell well over the UK’s national average here.

For those who can afford it, Woburn is one of those places that once here, it is hard to leave.

7. Biggleswade

Biggleswade at Sunset
Biggleswade at Sunset. Image credit Unsplash

Biggleswade stands as another favoured market town within the county of Bedfordshire.

Nestled gracefully along the course of the river Ivel, roughly 11 miles from Bedford, this picturesque location boasts a rich history spanning centuries.

While traces of prehistoric and Roman presence have been uncovered here.

The town’s initial settlement occurred during the Saxon era, like so many Bedfordshire towns.

In those times, the river Ivel was easily crossed, lending its name to the town – Biccel’s Wade – a homage to the local Saxon chieftain.

Today, Biggleswade is home to approximately 10,000 residents, with rapid expansion spurred on by enticing new developments that draw more individuals to the area.

Vital components for a fulfilling home life are firmly in place.

The bustling yet inviting town centre offers a hub of shops, eateries, and communal amenities, all easily accessible and well-connected.

For those seeking connectivity beyond the town’s borders, Biggleswade offers trains to London, Stevenage, and Cambridge, making it an outstanding choice for commuters.

With an assortment of excellent schools in the vicinity, Biggleswade is an ideal fit for individuals of all life stages.

Whether you have a young family or are planning for your retirement, the town is well-equipped to provide all the comfort and amenities you are likely to need.

8. Sandy

River Ivel
River Ivel at Biggleswade – Image Credit Wikipedia

A little more traditional than its neighbour Biggleswade, semi-rural Sandy is nonetheless a very alluring place to settle.

Surrounded by fields and farmland, this locale boasts not only its natural beauty but also a sense of camaraderie among neighbours. Sandy is where genuine community spirit still thrives.

Sandy is an idyllic place to retreat to after working in a busy city all day or it is perfect for raising a family being close to sought-after schools.

It too enjoys links to London (28 minutes).

Cambridge and Stevenage are nearby and for this reason, Sandy has caught the attention of urban dwellers seeking a more harmonious balance between work and personal life, along with the luxury of spacious surroundings.

Set amid some of Bedfordshire’s most stunning countryside, it is the spot to be if you enjoy long country walks and cosy local pubs far from the madding crowd.

Are you Moving to a Town in Bedfordshire?

These are just 8 of the outstanding locations to be discovered in Bedfordshire but, there are so many more.

Bedfordshire is a picturesque county that extends an exceptional quality of life to its residents.

Whether you prefer bustling towns or serene villages, Bedfordshire is home to an array of potential locations catering to all preferences.

Lund Conlon is at your service to transform your dreams into reality.

Irrespective of the size of your move, our expertise ensures the safe and secure transport of your belongings to your new Bedfordshire home.

Our mission is to streamline your removal journey with the assistance of our modern vehicle fleet and dedicated team of skilled movers.

Give us a call today and we can arrange for a house survey to suit you or, a virtual online survey, ideal for those with busy lives.

We can also offer storage of some or all of your belongings at our Kempston premises.

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