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24 February 2023

Living in Dunstable – Best Local Guide

Are you thinking of living in Dunstable?

Whilst moving home is generally a positive thing,  it is often an event that can cause some real issues.

There are simply so many things to consider when relocating!

There is a lot of planning that must be conducted prior to you moving out of your old home.

Whilst it is common to move to an area you are familiar with, this cannot always be the case.

With that being said, we are here to help those thinking of living in Dunstable.

If you are thinking of living in Ampthill in 2023, read on to find out more about this very appealing location.

Where is Dunstable?

Dunstable is situated 31 miles northwest of London, one mile south of the town of Houghton Regis, and five miles west of the large city of Luton, in the county of Bedfordshire in Eastern England.

It is the oldest charter town in Bedfordshire and is renowned for its rich heritage.

The town is currently home to approximately 36,000 residents.

Is Dunstable Good for Commuting?

Dunstable motorway

Dunstable boasts exceptional public transportation with bus routes available in all directions.

The town is connected to adjacent cities such St Albans, Harpenden, Luton, Toddington, and Milton Keynes by two major operators, Arriva and Centrebus.

With rapid travel to the airport and the train station in just 30 and 15 minutes, respectively, the dedicated busway has transformed public transportation in the region.

Additionally, travellers can take the train from Luton to St. Pancras in just 30 minutes.

The road system in Dunstable is renowned for being efficient and well-connected.

The town is fortunate to have three motorway junctions, which contribute to the generally smooth flow of traffic.

Dunstable’s road network is centred around the A5 trunk road, which links north and southbound traffic.

The M1 motorway, which is situated to the east of Luton, provides additional support for this.

The A505 is only a short 2-mile drive from J11.

This is the closest junction to where the town centre is located.

What Schooling Options Are There in Dunstable?

Manshead CE Academy, Dunstable
Manshead CE Academy, Dunstable. Image Credit: Wikipedia

The calibre of the local schools is a major concern for families thinking about relocating. Luckily for buyers, the education system in Dunstable has a solid reputation.

There are 23 primary schools in the neighbourhood, giving new residents many alternatives.

Ofsted gave Lark Rise Academy and Dunstable Icknield Lower School “excellent” ratings, placing them among the top schools.

There are a lot more primary schools that received a “good” grade.

Three secondary schools that have all obtained a “good” rating from Ofsted are attended by the local children: All Saints Academy, Manshead CE Academy, and The Chalk Hills Academy.

Two coed special schools, The Chiltern School and Weatherfield Academy, are also located in Dunstable and serve pupils from the larger Central Bedfordshire region.

Is Property Affordable in Dunstable?

Dunstable house prices

Dunstable offers a well-priced housing market that is attracting many people to invest and make it their new home.

With a variety of styles and budgets to choose from, the town’s housing market has something for everyone.

Currently, there are 165  homes available for purchase within one mile of the town, providing a broad selection of options.

The average cost of a home in Dunstable is above the national average, sitting at £352,490 in February 2023.

However, there are still affordable options for those on a more modest budget.

Buyers can expect to pay an average of £169,831 for a flat in the area and £293,215 for a terraced property.

When it comes to semi-detached homes the average price is £367,745, with detached houses sitting at £587,684.

Investment in Dunstable has shown stable growth over recent years, with house prices increasing steadily.

This growth in the housing market makes Dunstable a desirable place to purchase a property.

Overall, Dunstable offers a well-priced housing market with a variety of styles and budgets to choose from.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a family, or an investor, there are plenty of options to consider.

Is Renting a Good Option in Dunstable?

For individuals seeking a new home, Dunstable is a beautiful town with a wide range of rental options.

You can locate a home that suits your needs and budget regardless of whether you’re a student, a young professional, or a family.

Renting is fantastic since it gives you a lot of freedom, which is crucial when you’re new to a region and unsure of which neighbourhood is best for you.

Renting gives you the chance to experience the area before you buy, which is one of its biggest advantages.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Dunstable, renting a home can help you acquire a sense of the community and its many neighbourhoods.

In the long run, this can save you money by preventing you from making the costly error of purchasing a property in a neighbourhood you ultimately dislike.

There are many homes available in both urban and rural parts of Dunstable, which has a sizable rental market.

This means that you shouldn’t have any trouble locating a home that meets your requirements and price range.

According to home.co.uk, One-bedroom apartments cost an average of £929 per month, while two and three-bedrooms cost an average of £1,375 and £2,185, respectively.

The secret to selecting a rental home is to think about your needs and preferences.

Some people place high importance on living close to schools, while others might choose to live close to the town centre or have quick access to public transportation.

You’re sure to find the ideal location to call home in Dunstable because there are so many options available to suit your needs.

Are there Good Employment Options in Dunstable?

Dunstable job market

A range of major companies, such as DPD, WH Smith, Synergy Healthcare, and Meggitt Plc, are already based on the estate, providing a host of employment opportunities across various sectors.

But, if you’re looking for more variety, Dunstable’s close proximity to other major towns, such as Watford, Luton, and even London, provides additional job opportunities.

London is just an hour away by train, with direct services to St Pancras International Station, allowing you to live in Dunstable and still have a career in the city.

The estate is already home to a number of significant businesses, including DPD, WH Smith, Synergy Healthcare, and Meggitt Plc, offering a wide range of job prospects in a number of different industries.

However, if you’re seeking a wider range of employment options, Dunstable’s proximity to other significant cities like Watford, Luton, and even London offers more options.

You may be living in Dunstable but work in London since direct trains run consistently to the capital!

Dunstable is a Keeper

Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire
Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire. Image credit: Depositphotos

There is no doubt that Dunstable makes a great place to put down roots long-term.

Although there is a lot of information about the area here, which we hope will satisfy your curiosity, it by no means covers everything.

If you do choose to move to Dunstable, you will find even more benefits of living in this little Bedfordshire town for yourself.

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Lund Conlon has been moving people to and from Flitwick for more than three decades.

Not only do we cover the whole of Dunstable, but also right across Bedfordshire, the UK, Europe, and internationally.

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