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24 October 2022

Living in Flitwick an Ultimate Moving Guide

Thinking about moving to Flitwick?

You may already have a little knowledge of Flitwick.

Perhaps you have family there. Maybe you have been commuting from another area into Flitwick for a while and decided now is the time to “go all in” and relocate.

It makes good sense to know something about your chosen location before you fully commit to moving there.

There are a host of great reasons why it makes a great place to call home, living in Flitwick will not disappoint.

This Living in Flitwick an Ultimate Guide may help you decide once and for all.

It could be the best decision you ever make.

Where is Flitwick Located?

Flitwick is situated in the southeast of the UK.

Sitting within the county of Bedfordshire, Flitwick is a moderately affluent area.

Having a current population of around 13,000, it is in a small town and offers a relatively rural location.

Does Flitwick Have Good Connections?

The answer to this question is simple – yes!

Flitwick benefits from fantastic connectivity.

Roughly speaking Flitwick sits nicely sandwiched between Bedford and Luton. Both are much larger towns, and each is approximately 10 miles from Flitwick.

Milton Keynes is a little further out at 14 miles, but still within a speedy drive for work.

Alternatively, you can take the train from Flitwick Station and arrive in St Pancras London in well under an hour.

What Kind of Lifestyle Does Flitwick Offer?

Flitwick has become a much sought-after locale due to the great transport links across the region.

An ideal spot for those tired of larger towns or cities and seeking a quieter lifestyle with space to expand.

Being able to get outside and fully interact with nature is one way many of us love to relax.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, Flitwick is a relaxed, laid-back place to live.

Flitwick Manor Park is full of nature trails and picturesque scenery. The Barton Hills Nature Reserve and the Chiltern Hills are just as pretty and within a stone’s throw from the town.

Excellent leisure amenities, a great choice of eateries and a vibrant community spirit are all covered.

You can expect to enjoy a busy social life blended with plenty of rural outside spaces and good schools.

With so many large locations close by, the opportunity for an occasional away day is not out of the question.

Combined, all these benefits ensure that the residents of Flitwick enjoy an excellent standard of living.

Flitwick School Image

Schooling Options in Flitwick

When considering a move to Flitwick, schooling options is a particularly relevant question and one most parent’s new to the area will have concerns about.

The Bedfordshire region operates on the three-tier education system, including Flitwick.

There are some very good schools in Flitwick. Almost all perform very well.

Schools are banded, lower (3-9 years), middle (9-13 years), and upper (13-18 years).

Three lower schools are available, depending on your catchment area. Flitwick Lower, Kingsmoor Lower and Templefield Lower. All are “good” says Ofsted.

Woodland Middle School Academy and Alameda Middle are also both rated well and received a rating of “good”.

Redborne Upper School & Community College is the local high school for children in Flitwick.

It was awarded an overall “good” result in its last Ofsted inspection. However, for its Leadership and Management, Personal Development and Behaviour; it was given an “Outstanding” rating.

Redborne school was also rated “outstanding” for the standard of its 16 – 19-year study programmes.

You can read the full Ofsted Report for the school here

If you are applying for a school place for your child, you can apply online via the Central Bedfordshire Council website.

Flitwick house sale

Is Property Expensive in Flitwick?

There are some expensive homes for sale, but equally, there are plenty of much more reasonably priced properties for sale too.

Although the average cost of a home over the past 12 months was £349,194, higher than the national average, it is entirely possible to buy for less than this in the town.

Within a one-mile radius of central Flitwick, you will find 48 homes for sale.

Prices at the lower end of the market start at £210,000 for a two-bedroomed apartment.

You may be moving here with children and searching for a home offering larger accommodation.

Three-bedroom terraced properties start from £300,000.

Buyers who have sold homes in London and are moving to Flitwick will certainly be pleasantly surprised at what they can buy for their money.

For £650,000 you can purchase a four-bedroom detached bungalow sitting on a large plot for £650,000. In London, you would be paying at least three times this much for a similar-sized property.

Stats as per Zoopla – October 2022

Flitwick Council sign

Local Council Services in Flitwick

You will have a long list of things you need to do as soon as you move to your new home in Flitwick.

Registering with the local authority is sure to be on the list.

Central Bedfordshire Council manages the Flitwick area.

It is easy to register online.

Their site is packed with a host of helpful links to do with the practicalities of moving to a new location.

You most likely will have questions such as:

  • What days your bins are going to be emptied?
    How much you will need to pay for your council tax?
    Enrolling on the Electoral Register
    School term dates and admissions
    Planning permission and applications

By visiting the council website, you will find the answers to these questions and, a plethora of other information at your fingertips.

What Recreational Activities Does Flitwick Have Nearby?

No one wants to be stuck indoors 24/7, particularly so if you have children who need to let off steam on a regular basis.

The Flitwick region is packed with 101 things to do all year round.

Aside from the town’s own excellent leisure amenities, the wider Bedfordshire County can fulfil everyone’s tastes and budget entertainment-wise.

Here are just a handful of things you may want to explore once you have settled into your new home in Flitwick.

Family Entertainment

Historical Sites

Green Space

Flitwick Community Group

Community Activities in Flitwick

If you want to really immerse yourself in local activities and get to know people quickly, the best way is by joining the clubs, societies, and community groups that your location provides.

There are groups in Flitwick covering the whole spectrum of ages, from nursery to retirement, there will be something for you here.

These clubs may be of interest to you:

Bowls Club
Gardeners Association
Barton Kids Club
Boys & Girls Brigade
Running Club
Tennis Club

To find out more about each of these great clubs and many more visit the Flitwick Town Council website.

Flitwick is a Keeper

There is no doubt that Flitwick makes a great place to put down roots long-term.

Although there is a lot of information about the area here, which we hope will satisfy your curiosity, it by no means covers everything.

If you do choose to move to Flitwick, you will find even more benefits of living in this little Bedfordshire town for yourself.

You are going to need the services of a reliable local removal company to transport your belongings from A to B.

Lund Conlon has been moving people to and from Flitwick for more than three decades.

Not only do we cover the whole of Flitwick, but also right across Bedfordshire, the UK, Europe, and internationally.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today so that we can provide you with our no-obligation free-of-charge quotation.


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