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22 May 2023

6 Reasons to Use a BAR Registered Removals Company

There are at least 6 Reasons to Use a BAR Registered Removals Company, in this article we explain why it is important that you do so.

At Lund Conlon, we understand that moving home is not easy and that it comes with a mix of emotions.

From the excitement and adventure of moving up the property ladder. Or the sadness of leaving a home that has served you well but has become too much of an upkeep burden.

Whatever your reasons for leaving your current property, it is very likely that you will need some help to make it happen.

You may use a “man and van”, or you may be that you are lucky enough to have plenty of friends and family around you who can physically help with the move.

However, nowadays, it is more common to hire a removal company such as Lund Conlon to do the heavy work for you. It certainly helps to relieve you of some of the stress and strain.

There are literally hundreds of removal companies who are vying for your business. However, how can you find a good, honest reliable one in the Bedfordshire area?

Use one that is registered with BAR – the British Association of Removers. There are many reasons why this is an imperative choice.

A bad mover could cost you a lot of money. Packing is a skill, and it takes time to train staff. Using unskilled workers can lead to breakages, time delays and worse.

Don’t make the mistake of allowing just anyone to undertake your move.

It is comforting to know that Lund Colon has been a proud and active member of BAR for many years. We can be relied on to take good care of your possessions door to door.

About the British Association of Removers

This very prestigious industry regulator has been in business for over 100 years. They are dedicated to promoting professional excellence in the removals industry.

BAR provides a regulated set of criteria that removal companies absolutely must adhere to in order to become and remain their membership.

Each BAR-registered company in the UK must undergo thorough, regular inspections/audits. This is to ensure they meet the required level of professionalism and service BAR demands of their members.

Here are 6 reasons why you should use a BAR Registered Removal Company

Use a BAR registered Removal company. companies need to be accountable
Accountability image. Credit Depositphotos

1. Accountability

Like all professions, there are times when mistakes happen.

Now and then, things get broken or the service you receive is just not up to the standard you were promised. You want to be sure your removal company will be accountable if it is proven they are responsible for any mishaps.

Because BAR is an industry-recognised regulator, it means if you use a BAR-registered company you are in safe hands even in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

Complaints are taken very seriously, and BAR has robust procedures in place, monitored by an external, independent body so you are sure to be treated fairly and without bias.

2. Fully Trained Staff

You may have concerns about strangers entering your home. There is no need to worry on this count.

Due to the nature of the job, all Lund Conlon’s removal teams are DBS checked. DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service. It is used to vet potential employees to ensure that they do not have a criminal record.

Before members of staff are permitted to undertake a move, they attend a thorough induction which also includes a manual handling course.

Furthermore, as part of the BAR’s ongoing regulating process, all member companies are audited on a regular basis.

Packing, wrapping and transporting personal effects takes skill and experience. During the BAR’s rigorous audit, members must provide evidence that their removal teams are fully trained.

This includes all staff, from the porters and estimators (surveyors) to the HGV drivers.

With experienced staff on the job, you can be sure that your belongings will be treated with all due care and attention.

Vehicle maintenance checks are mandatory with a BAR registered removal company
Vehicle Safety Check. Image Credit: Depositphotos

3. Vehicle Maintenance

Having the right tools for the job that are fit for purpose is imperative.

All Lund Conlon vehicles are clean, well-maintained and fully licensed.

BAR requires us to ensure that our lorries also conform to emission regulations and congestion payments (when required).

Daily safety inspections are carried out on all vehicles before they leave the depot. Any defects are reported at once to management for prompt action.

It goes without saying that vehicles must be fit for purpose and in good order.

This is another area that will be inspected during a BAR audit, additional assurance for our valued customers.

4. Advanced Payment Guarantee/Insurance

It is normal practice for removal companies to be paid upfront, before the move starts.

Paying in advance of work can be a cause of concern for some customers.

With BAR, you are protected by their Advanced Payment Guarantee promise.

For further peace of mind should a dispute arise with the mover there is a defined procedure in place to rectify the situation. It is via the BAR’s FREE and independent Dispute Resolution Service.

Don’t just take our word for it.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has recently reissued a “home buyer and sellers’ guide.

On page 13 of the guide, it explicitly refers to the BAR brand as a mark of quality in the removals industry.

This guarantee applies to domestic, European and International moves. Should you require your belongings to be stored for a while, this service also falls under the BAR guarantee.

You must have a written contract between you and your mover. Use a BAR registered company
Contract Image. Credit Depositphotos

5. Obtain a Legally Binding Contract

You may be tempted to use a “man and van” service or, a friend to help you move thinking you might be saving money.

However, it is all too easy to find yourself waiting for the man and van, or friend to arrive on the move day only to discover they have forgotten, double booked, or simply disappeared without a trace.

With just a verbal agreement and no legal documents having been signed, you could find yourself in trouble and with no recourse. Not to mention the disastrous possibility of disrupting the whole chain of people also moving home on the same day.

This will not happen with BAR members.

We know that for us as a company, moving is all in a day’s work but, for you, it is a huge deal.

Having a legally binding contract in place signed and agreed by us and by you is further peace of mind that provides you with the security only a BAR member removal company can offer.

6. How to Find a BAR Member

There are several ways you can find a BAR-registered removal company.

First, they will have the BAR logo on their website. It is illegal for anyone to display the logo without being members of the organisation.

For further reassurance, you can visit the BAR website.

On the homepage, they have a search facility where you can enter either a ‘postcode, address or city’ or ‘the removal company’s name to confirm their membership.

This search facility also supplies a quality rating for the business so you can see how well they perform.

The website also has other useful links such as the BAR’s comprehensive Code of Practice. A copy of which can be found HERE.

Proud BAR Members

At Lund Conlon, we take great pride in our longstanding BAR membership and we work very hard to maintain it.

We understand the value and credence it gives to both our company and the assurance of our best possible service for our clients.

Our ongoing commitment to quality and reasonably priced house moves ensures that we remain firm members of the British Association of Movers.

If you are planning a house move, do not hesitate to contact Lund Conlon Removals today to receive your free, no-obligation quotation.

Alternatively, you can visit our website and complete our simple online quote form and we will respond asap.


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